The ingredients used by Quality Bio are completely natural and certified from Organic Farming.



We use wheat, Kamut®, spelt, corn, rice, oats and rye flours.

  • Kamut® ancient cereal cultivated in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago, has been recently rediscovered. It is rich in selenium, a precious element that reduces the formation of free radicals. It contains from 20 to 40% more proteins than common wheat. It presents higher percentages of amminoacids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, than common wheat. It is very digestible.
  • Spelt, an ancient cereal cultivated in Italy, was the main source of nourishment for the Romans.
  • Corn, originally from Mexico, was the food of Mayas and Aztecs.
  • Rice is considered to be the most balanced element in macrobiotic cooking: rich in mineral salts, vitamins and proteins.



We don’t use animal facts, especially in products for food allergies. We only use:

  • olive oil, with its typical flavour and rich in polynsaturated fats;
  • sunflower seed oil, with a mild flavour and rich in polynsaturated fats;
  • non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (from palm trees), that makes the products more crumbly and doesn’t involve a hydrogenation process.








  • We use
    • rice malt and corn malt: rich in complex sugars and minerals, they release sugar gradually, with a lower impact on glychemic index.;
    • concentrated apple juice and grape juice, extracted directly from fruit;
    • cane sugar, to exalt sweet taste;
    • fructose, exclusively in the products indicated for diabetics.








Small tarts’ jams are saccharose free and made by fruit from organic farming.















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